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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Do you want to learn my secret to losing 90 pounds?

Well, first off I did not have any special diet or detox what I actually did a little research and tried to make rules about eating.

First rule:
Exercise!!! This is a very important activity to add to your life. A one mile jog can shed off 100 calories if you continue at a steady pace.

Second rule:
Eat ingredients that contain less fat! To me less fat outweighs calories. ALTHOUGH you still want to try to avoid consuming to many calories.

Third Rule:
Less sugar and sodium:
This means less ice cream and less artificial foods.

Artificial foods contain preservatives that can fill us up fast but leave us feeling hungry again in a matter of hours. Something I have come to notice over the last year is that when I eat fresh food from home I tend to stay fuller for longer periods of time.
Also, instead of eating food that is full of sugar try foods that contain less sugar and what I tried at first was mixing fresh fruits in a blender and all the natural sugars that are in the fruit mix together to have a WONDERFUL sweet tasting smoothie!

Fourth rule:
Fresh Fruit and Veggies!
Fruit and veggies are crucial for your well being.
Apples are especially great for energy! I tend to eat one everyday!!

Last Rule:
Stick to it! Losing weight does not happen over night. My rule is: if I do not see a change in 4 weeks I need to change something!!

With just a slight change in your diet and exercise I guarantee you can shed a few pounds off.

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  1. good job! keep writing. im going to add your blog to my list of blogs!!